Thursday, April 21, 2011

"Now the joy in my world is in Zion"

Leg 2: Las Vegas to Hoover Dam to Zion National Park

Departing Las Vegas was pretty uneventful until we reached the outskirts of the Hoover Dam. As we came to a total stop in bumper-to-bumper traffic we realized: "oh yeah, it's Sunday." This was my first test driving in serious traffic with a manual transmission vehicle. Nevermind a lumbering beast like Prudence. Excuse me,  a beautiful graceful creature like Prudence. She gets sensative sometimes when we tease her about her power limitations. Finally we got to a steady decline through which I could just pop her in nuetral and brake on down. However, as we steadily declined into the depths of Lake Meade Valley, one nagging question kept creeping into my head: "how the hell are we going to get back up out of here?"  

Beautiful Lake Meade

Soon we reached what we hoped was the bottom and took in the incredible sight of the Hoover Dam. We walked around, took some pictures, and dodged the hordes of tourists. Little tip for anyone visiting the dam: as you enter, you'll see a ton of parking for $7.00. Pass these lots and drive up about 50 meters, where there's tons of free parking. Worth the very short walk, unless you happen to like randomly spending money for no reason, or need closer access to the dam (handicap, stroller, etc). 

Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam


Anywho, after contemplating different possible routes to get back out of the Dam and on our way to Zion National Park, we decided to attempt the giant incline going back out the way we came. To our surprise, Prudence was a total champ and handled beautifully. To congratulate her and ourselves, we decided to stop for an ice cold A&W rootbeer. I swear it had nothing to do with the "20% off hookahs" sign in the window of the smoke shop next door. But naturally, once stopped, we decided to check it out. So we entered Valley Smoke Shop #2 to meet the nicest guy you could hope for, Jesse. He helped us pick out an adorable, double-tube hookah (in green, duh) and the necessary acoutremants all for the very low price of $26. Seriously, love that guy. 

Bonnie and Jesse at Valley Smoke Shop #2

We reached Zion at sunset and it was completely breathtaking. Minor hiccup when the campground we had intended to stay at was full but we were able to find an RV park to stay for the night. Showers and wi-fi included! For real, is this what camping is these days? It did allow us to write out first blogs for you all, though, so don't hate. And our new hookah made us all the more hilarious. 

The drive into Zion

Cooking our first meal in Prudence!

Rain forecasts for Monday were a little bit concerning but by early afternoon there were still no showers and the sun came out. We went on a 5.5 mile hike through the park, seeing all 3 Emerald Pools and The Narrows, which were sadly closed due to high water levels in the Virgin River. None of the hikes were too strenuous but were truly lovely and a good workout nonetheless. 

Waterfalls that we walked under!

The Upper Emerald Pools

Bonnie on the Virgin River

"Beautiful, beautiful Zion"

We capped the night off with a local beer (Provo Girl Pilsner and Polygamy Porter...amazing!) and a campfire back at our site. 

Campfire Hookah time is the best time!

Zion Park, check! On we go to the Grand Canyon...stay tuned :) 


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