Sunday, April 17, 2011

Who are these 2 girls?

Us! Chelsea (left) and Bonnie (right) with Prudence (guess)
We (Chelsea Levinson and Bonnie Mohan) are two girls who have been friends for roughly a decade. Well, kinda. We went to high school together but we wouldn't really have called each other "friends". However, in the moments when our respective crowds mixed, we didn't find anything we hated in the other. For the Catholic school we went to, that was saying a lot. Our mutual apathy for one another came to an end when we both attended Fordham University in the Bronx, NY. By default, we decided to hang out. Soon we were struck with the same thought: why haven't we been best friends all this time?!?! And so it began...

Fast forward more than 7 years and we two girls are college graduates and have moved on to more professional heights. Chelsea is quickly approaching graduation from Cardozo Law School and I have just returned from two years living in Ethiopia as a Peace Corps Volunteer. We are both unemployed and broke, but have managed to do a lot of living and have no plans to slow down. When the most beautiful vehicle you could ever lay eyes on fell into our laps, we knew the stars had aligned and it was time for a joyous reunion via a badass road trip. My mom and G might take issue with the whole "falling into our laps" comment, as they are the actual purchasers of Prudence, our 1983 VW Vanagon camper bus. A million shout-outs and thanks must go their way for making this trip a reality.
Our kitchen: 1 fridge (that we still can't get to work), 2 burners, 1 non-working sink, and a pantry. 

Our little couch... Bonnie did the upholstery. Isn't it lovely?

Just before leaving, with Saint Beth (Bonnie's mom) 
We will start our journey in Los Angeles, where both Prudence and I have been residing with the aforementioned Mom and G. Chelsea just flew out for the occassion. From Los Angeles, we will kick things off hard with a night in Las Vegas (my first time). Next we will head to Zion National Park in southern Utah, with a pass through the Hoover Dam. Then on to the Grand Canyon's South Rim, the Four Corners, Mesa Verde, CO, and into New Mexico. There we will visit Jemez Springs, Santa Fe and maybe Albuquerque. Who knows? We like to keep it loose. And you will notice the details get a little fuzzy from there on out. We pass through Amarillo, TX, Oklahoma, and Arkansas on our way to New Orleans where we will see a slew of amazing bands perform at Jazz Fest. From there, Chelsea will fly back to NYC to finish up classes and I will hang out in NOLA for a week, enjoying more music, before finishing the remainder of the trip to NYC with my dear friend, Jesse.

Once Chelsea graduates at the end of May, we will hit the road again, taking the north route back out west. We'll likely pass through Upstate NY, Toronto, Michigan, Illinois (Chicago), Wisconsin, South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Washington, Oregon, and finally, back to California. If any friends, family, or harmless, well-wishing strangers live along our route and would like a visit and the opportunity to treat us to meals, drinks, and a nice hot shower, we would be happy to make that work for you. We hope to meet tons of people and see some amazing things on this trip. We would love your feedback, thoughts, and suggestions! We hope you enjoy tuning in to our adventures and we promise to regale you with witty and dramatic narrations of events along the way. If the extent to which we entertain each other is any indication, you're in for a real treat.
And we depart! 
Happy Reading!

Bonnie, Chelsea, and Prudence


  1. I think this is going to be great and can't wait to go with you along the way....
    Tammy Pietro schmidt from coventry I went to school with the Mohans

  2. You go girls! Love the mural from the Beatles! Now just need a peace sign! Love ya both....Nance

  3. Statues in every church across the country are crumbling at the mere thought of me joining their "sainthood" ranks. Tone it down girls....don't want anyone getting hurt! LOL

  4. Bonnie- If you pass through Michigan somewhere along your trip, you're more than welcome to crash with me. It would be great to see you! Have a great time on your cross-country adventure!

  5. LOVE THE PICTURES YOU'VE ADDED!!! Omg your adventure sounds so amazing! I miss you kids.